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We are part of the Institute for Biological Physics, CRC 1310, and the Center for Data and Simulation Science

How do cells respond to combinations of drugs and other signals?

Can the evolution of antibiotic resistance be predicted and prevented?

How do microbial ecosystems function?

To tackle these and related questions, we combine concepts and techniques from physics with molecular biology and advanced high-throughput techniques. Our favorite model systems are E. coli and yeast but we are broadly interested in various other biological systems. To ultimately discover the general principles and laws of biology, we use a quantitative approach, i.e. whenever possible we measure and interpret numbers rather than pictures or qualitative effects.

  • New preprint on the diversity of phage amplification rates
  • New preview on in vivo evasion of antibiotic treatment
  • New review on phenotypic effects of large-scale genetic perturbations

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